Took me a while to finally decide and kick myself to start and create my own blog, a decision I had to make after friends and even social media acquaintances pushed me to engage in the world of blogging.

So after two failed start-up attempts, hopefully the third try would be much sweeter and if not the bitterness of it all would be a bit easy to chew on.

Indeed, it had been a long time coming, around 2-years if I’m not mistaken. What took me too long? We’ll maybe I was not that confident enough to start a path in my career that has such freedom to create as I was accustomed with having someone edit my write-ups and as a journalist I had always believed in the fine line of having gate-keepers to provide proper and responsible check and balance on what we write and share especially on social media.

And with such stand, I decided that my blog will not touch on politics but would be more about my trips, destinations, nature / wildlife, adventures, food and of course my passion and love for photography.

So I can imagine the materials I need for my blog would be limitless, as the world I revolve in, my work as a photojournalist and as a news / feature writer, has enabled me to travel not only in the five provinces of my home region in Caraga but to various parts of Mindanao, as well as parts of Visayas and Luzon. Sometimes, I even get to be fortunate enough to go beyond the borders of our archipelago.

Hopefully this blog will also touch and explore richness of the different cultures, traditions, beliefs and transcend ethno-geographical stands and conflicts.

Our fears and doubts should never be our hindrance to push our limits, to explore and experience more in this lifetime and maybe the next. I always believe that I can do more than what people say I can and cannot. Life is indeed to short, to think of all the what if’s and with the lens of my camera, I would be able to take my audience to a perspective on how I see the world – through the lens of a nomad.
Let’s go out and explore further.



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